Food Systems

Root Local’s Food Systems Pollinator Committee supports understanding how food is grown, distributed, and decomposes within the metro Atlanta region. Our committee project for 2023 is to share information on wasted food and collect the community’s voice for support of diverting wasted food from landfill.

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    Understand and research the issue

    Review the research from local, national, and global organizations.


    Under our current food system, wasted food contributes 12% of solid waste in Georgia’s landfills and is one of largest contributors to climate change. In Georgia, over 151 lbs of food is wasted per person per year. Which adds up to about $1.92 billion in losses each year, in Georgia alone. Composting your wasted food prevents it from becoming harmful greenhouse gasses and produces jobs and nutrient-rich soil. Click here to learn more about wasted food throughout America in 2022.


    However, composting is not easily available throughout our metro region. Many are unable to compost due to the price, location, or space requirements. Click here to dive deeper into the issues in Georgia. Share this pre-made fact sheet in your community.

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    Speak loudly and collectively

    Root Local’s Food System committee is looking for your voice in advocating for diverting wasted food from the landfill. Sign this petition to show your support in searching for alternatives. Zip codes are collected to share directly with local representatives. 

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    Join the collective conversations between experts and community members

    Root Local’s Food Systems committee meets once a month in either a discussion, volunteer event, or tour. Register here to our in-person and online conversations about how we can support a more sustainable food system throughout our metro area. 

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    Learn the network

    There are many organizations throughout the metro area working on food production, distribution, and diverting wasted food. Click here to find the organizations in your area and get connected to their missions.

Atlanta Food System Organizations

This initiative is directly supported by the following metro Atlanta Food System Organizations:

Learn more through Science for GA and the conversations within Root Local’s Food System Committee

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