The ROOT of a collective impact plan is a shared LOCAL vision.

We are helping to maximize sustainability goals for metro Atlanta by serving as the backbone organization for collective impact planning.


Root Local was formed around a simple idea: A community with both a shared vision and coordinated action is dramatically more effective at achieving environmental impact. Established in late 2020, we connect metro Atlanta with a shared vision on how to reduce our environmental impact. Our focus is helping community members have an active role in their local collective environmental impact with informed guidance from community groups, nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies.


Our role is to encourage and facilitate a diverse set of stakeholders to collaborate with each other with the goal of defining a shared, long-range vision. Our team is tightly focused on:

  • Promoting the importance of a collective environmental impact plan

  • Recruiting stakeholder participation

  • Encouraging the conversations

  • Facilitating the hard work of collaborative process

  • Providing the required organizational framework and governance infrastructure

As the stakeholder community builds momentum, Root Local’s role will expand to raising awareness communitywide. Just over the horizon is an era where metro Atlantans recognize and personally support carrying out the collective environmental impact plan. To prepare for this new era, Root Local will establish additional infrastructure that helps individuals and businesses connect with information and resources that support their own commitments to minimize environmental impact and maximize sustainability.


We do understand that what we have set out to do is a heavy lift. There are hundreds of organizations and individuals who are currently doing an amazing job with their efforts and want to participate in the collective impact planning process. Therefore, we are confident these visionary leaders of nonprofits, businesses, municipalities, and community groups intuitively understand the wisdom in coming together to collaborate and coordinate their individual efforts. We know they can make this process work in the same way they have made their other efforts work so well.


Metro Atlanta’s diverse culture and robust growth makes it the perfect canvas for creating and implementing a collective impact plan. Our successful joint vision of the collective impact plan will serve the rest of the country. When you say the word, Root Local will take the Atlanta collective impact use case and model to other metropolitan areas across the US and spread its goal and message.